InnoEssentials International, the trade name of Invention Works B.V., is a vital organization with locations all around the world. The InnoEssentials group was founded in 2003 by Oscar Middendorp: an entrepreneur who had a clear vision about state-of-the-art innovations. Today Sr. Middendorp is still involved with InnoEssentials as Managing Director. The corporate headquarter is situated in Barendrecht, The Netherlands. Our other offices are located in Germany, United Kingdom, France and China. In China we also have our own sales office for Sourcing and Compliancy.

Contemporary products

In our ten years of existence we produce and sell products in different categories: Beauty (Silk’n), Kitchen (InnoKitchen) and Bathroom (InnoBath). We are also license holders of the Dutch personality concepts Herman and Leontien. For each of our products we set mandatory criteria like maintaining safety standards and certification to fits consumer needs. That’s why our product ranges distinguish themselves in terms of popularity and acknowledgment. Our products can be found in thousands of prime location shops in over 25 countries.

High-end innovations

Being InnoEssentials International and having both the words innovative and essentials combined in our name, we are continuously searching for the best consumer products that are highly innovational and originative. We believe that the success of innovative products is related to the amount of venture capital, expertise and management available for marketing and innovation. An important part of our business are the inventions that people can submit. Together with us it is possible that ideas and inventions can be further developed and commercialized.

Win-win situation

InnoEssentials is partner in business from idea, through development and production, to successful marketing of inventions that suit the lifestyle needs of today’s consumer. Our approach to flexibility, quality and design has allowed us to increase worldwide at a fast pace. As a full service organization we have insights in potential and marketability. We judge each invention and product on its own commercial merits, working towards a win-win situation: for the inventor, the manufacturer, the retailer and the consumer.

Customers Worldwide

Our customers are located in several countries around the world. Click on the map to view the customers per country.