Leontien van Moorsel is a famous top athlete who won the Olympics in cycle racing for four times. She is also known as a television host. Because of her sport performances, she is a real role model to many people. InnoEssentials International and Leontien launched the personality concept ‘Leontien’ in which you can find stylish sport items like shoes, watches and sportswear. Leontien products are being sold exclusively in Dutch Kruidvat drugstores (part of A.S. Watson).

Below you’ll find the some of Leontien’s best sold items from categories like Indoor, Outdoor, Running and Biking.

  • Herman 2.0

    Herman 2.0

    A new range of kitchen supplies by the famous Dutch chefcook Herman den Blijker
  • For every household

    For every household

    Herman 2.0 consists of high quality kitchen supplies to fit consumer's needs
  • Prepare the best meals

    Prepare the best meals

    Herman 2.0 kitchen supplies make it easy to prepare the best meals ever
  • Discover the range!

    Discover the range!

    Take a look at the cooking pans, knives, cutting board and much much more!
  • Leontien


    Leontien products are sporty, elegant and fashionable
  • Sporty items, trendy musthaves

    Sporty items, trendy musthaves

    The sporty items are designed especially following the latest fashion trends
  • For a healthy life

    For a healthy life

    These items are nice to look at and don't miss there goal at the same time
  • Discover the whole range!

    Discover the whole range!

    Yoga balls, shoes, watches and more: explore the colorful Leontien-items below
Stick blender
Stick blender
Stick blender. With choice out of 7 speeds and a turbo mode is blending fruits or chopping vegetables very easily.
Potato cutter
Potato cutter. The HERMAN® potato cutter is very easy to use. With the transparent container you can work neatly and orderly.
Sandwich grill
Sandwich grill
Sandwich grill. The HERMAN® sandwich grill is perfect for making sandwiches, grilling fish, etc.
Whisk. The HERMAN® whisk makes whipping cream of whisking egg whites really easy.
Mixing bowl (4.0 L)
Mixing bowl (4.0 L)
Mixing bowl (4.0 L). The HERMAN® mixing bowl is made of brushed stainless steel and is dishwasher proof.
Bread knife
Bread knife
Bread knife. The HERMAN® knives are dishwasher-proof. Observe the following to maintain the quality of your knife:
Vegetable knife
Vegetable knife
Vegetable knife. The HERMAN® knives are dishwasher-proof. Observe the following to maintain the quality of your knife: