Do you have a luminous idea and want to share it with the whole world? It could be that your idea will turn into a fantastic product and be sold in retail shops and online in different countries.

At InnoEssentials International we are continuously looking for bright ideas. So don’t hesitate. Fill in the form below and get in touch with us!

You may download here the  Confidentiality Agreement

Important: please fill in the form only if your invention/idea matches the folowing points in our Rules and Regulations:

  1. Rules and Regulations. Please read carefully.
    • Addresses a solution to a recognizable mass consumer problem related to either safety, environment or convenience.
    • Can be sold all over the western hemisphere.
    • International patent protection or the possibility to apply for same.
    • Appeals to the product categories we deal with.
    • Is a tangible end consumer product , no ( technical) parts which have to be used in combination with another existing product.
    • Needs no technical service or repair requirements.
    • Is testable so if required potential ( patent ) claims are or can be sustained by means of scientifically tests.
    • Has a cost price minimum > € 20,- or more.
    • You present us with the right to acquire and maintain all I.P. rights. In return InnoEssentials International wil compensate you with a Royalty Percentage on the achieved sales.

    Then we invite you to fill out this form. Please note that some fields are required fields. All your data will be kept strictly confidential and will not be available to anyone other than InnoEssentials.

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Please answer the following questions as complete as possible. By doing so, it will be possible for us to answer you better and more clearly as to whether your idea/invention can be further developed and commercialised by InnoEssentials International.

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